Friday, 31 January 2014

Hot Sticks Entertainment | Record Label Dept

Mad House Records Logo
From the HSE Dept , A new logo for Mad House Records was discussed for 2014 new levels of the organization

Mad House Records is the first company running under Hot Sticks Entertainment under the music production dept 

Currently working on larger Distribution deals for the record label and New artist and some album release is expected this year from mad house records demands by Hot Sticks Entertainment and some distribution deals working with Hot sticks Entertainment

The web site for Mad House Records is under-construction  while the company is still being managed and marketed under Hot Sticks Entertainment and their Records distributors  Check Mad house Records Fan page on Facebook -----> Mad House Records

First release from Mad House Records is expected by end of February this year
 All Distribution Deals and Music Stores are welcome .

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hot Sticks Entertainment |jurnal

DJ zackes
it been along time in the music industries for DJ Zackes working with new and old artists day and night but DJ Zackes had neva publish his music to people of there as his fans , many people get to listen his music while his playing at the gigs and events , and orhters are those who works with him or stay around him "Family And Friends" to orhter it was a cool degital makert such as soundcloud and ReverbNation which made this distribute some of his odd good jams music for Free.

Time changes and new things come every day , but to DJ Zackes all that was a learning cave and now he dropped another two listing tracks from 2009 production . click here -> Forest Rn EP 

Currently DJ Zackes is working on The Record Label "Mad House Records" as his label

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hot Sticks Entertainment | Record Label

Hot Sticks Entertainment Has Developed  another Brand name ,

Mad House Records Logo
Hot Sticks Entertainment is a company of many trades since from the start but as the business grows and getting familiar is hard to manage all this varieties of services at once , so the board member of the company have branched the company to some few items which are based to be the services with Hot Sticks Entertainment feed on or supply and Mad House Records was formed !

It was a successfull stroy for Hot Sticks Entertainment on caring all the burden on its back ,until Mad House Records screamed out and be heard.

 Music Industries need more focused eye seperatly and the board decided.

So all the Music services will now be based on Mad House Records as everyone is looking for a bigger picture on it.

Although this is the goal of the company inlarge to make it happen and successfully.

Althought many thoughts and hands are not yet polishing the brand since is new in the industry Hot Sticks Entertainment Board members hope it is going to be a trip where new platforms and challenges will be alligned , as we will be working on patnerships ,Distribution deals, and Degital markerting and stores .

Hot Sticks Entertainment is welcoming all hands to help Mad House Records to make it on Music boards/charts.

For More Info Contact:

Mr Z.M Hlungwane
Cell:071 411 7099
Email :
Website :